Zugzwang   (almost complete)

Digital Video; Anamorphic 16:9;
Duration 00:50:26:00

Narrated by Pierre Huyghe

From the on-screen introduction:

‘This film is based upon extracts taken from an anonymous notebook recently discovered in Herne Bay, a small town on the north Kent coast. ‘Although nothing further is known about the identity of the owner of the notebook, his writings seem to describe an investigation into a prior visit to the town made by a French academic.

‘It seems that this academic was, in turn, researching the even earlier visit — relatively little known — of the French artist Marcel Duchamp who visited Herne Bay in August 1913, while acting as a chaperon to his younger sister, Yvonne, who was studying English at Lynton College.

‘During this period Duchamp is known to have made at least four drawings and accompanying notes relating to the development of his major work, The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even, or, as it is now commonly known, The Large Glass.

‘A number of Duchamp’s notes were copied into the notebook, with quotations from other, as yet unidentified, sources. A selection of these excerpts has been included here, along with some of the research that it subsequently inspired.’