Jeremy Millar is an artist based in London.

He is currently Head of Programme, Writing,
at the Royal College of Art, London.

From a recent presentation on his work:

‘In the mid-1970s, the anthropologist Elizabeth Fisher proposed her “Carrier Bag Theory of Human Evolution” in which she proposed that the first tool developed by our prehistoric ancestors was not a weapon — that with which to enforce — but rather some form of container, in which things could be gathered. (The idea was later adopted by Ursula Le Guin in her “Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction”.)

‘This is how I’ve long thought of my practice, as a container for many diverse things, whether the pornographic obsessions of Georges Bataille or the lustre of Chinese glazes, the ludic translations of Anne Carson, or the theology of relics. It is one of the few benefits of age that every so often one can simply look into one’s bag and consider what one has gathered. There’s another way one might describe this: to attend means both “to give attention to” and “to wait for”, and this seems to be what is most important at the moment, in my relationship to my work: to attend.’

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Museum Stzuki, Lodz
Whitstable Biennale

Chandelier, London
‘The Oblate’, Southampton City Art Gallery

‘A Scale of Time’, Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon

‘Mondegreen’, Project Arts Centre, Dublin
Collaborative two-person exhibition with Canadian artist, Geoffrey Farmer.

‘Resemblances, Sympathies, and Other Acts’, CCA, Glasgow

‘Amongst Others’, Plymouth Arts Centre

The Seweryn Udziela Museum of Ethnography, Krakow
HICA, Loch Ruthven, Inverness-shire

‘Given’, National Maritime Museum, London

‘Projector’, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

Sleeper, Edinburgh
‘Plum Tree Blossom’, Inverleith House, Edinburgh

‘Zugzwang (almost complete)’, Metropole Gallery, Folkestone; also permanent public installation, coastal park, Folkestone/

Selected Group Exhibitions and Screenings

‘For What It’s Worth: Value Systems in Art since 1960’, The Warehouse, Dallas, Texas. Curated by Thomas Feulmer and Lisa Le Feuvre.

‘The Horror Show!’, Somerset House, London. Curated by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, with Claire Catterall.

‘The Feuilleton: I Will Bear Witness’, Spoleto, Italy. Curated by Jo Melvin.

‘Metaphoria III’, Centre 104, Paris. Curated by Silvia Guerra.
Machines à penser’, Fondazione Prada, Venice. Curated by Dieter Roelstraete.

‘The Other Dark: Tacita Dean, Jeremy Millar and Nashashibi/Skaer’, Sirius Art Centre, Cobh. Curated by Kirstie North.
‘material / rearranged / to / be’, collaboration with Siobhan Davies Dance, Barbican Curve (touring to Tramway, Glasgow; Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester; Bluecoat, Liverpool)

‘Scholar, Courtier, Magician: the Lost Library of John Dee’, Royal College of Physicians, London

Centre Pompidou, Paris
‘Jakarta Biennale’, Jakarta, Indonesia
‘Self’, Turner Contemporary, Margate
‘Made in China’, Willis Museum, Basingstoke

‘Curiosity: Art and the Pleasure of Knowing’, Turner Contemporary; then touring to Norwich and Amsterdam. Curated by Brian Dillon.
‘The World is Almost Six Thousand Years Old’, The Collection, Lincoln. Curated by Tom Morton.
‘Mythographies’, Yaffo23, Jerusalem. Curated by Roy Brand

‘The Future’s Not What It Used To Be’, Chapter, Cardiff
‘The Associates’, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge
‘Membra Disjecta for John Cage’, MQ, Vienna, then touring to DOX, Prague, and GVUO, Ostrava

‘Mystics rather than rationalists’, Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh

‘Never the Same River (Possible Futures, Probable Pasts)’, Camden Arts Centre, London
‘Occupied Island’, Brijuni, Croatia
‘Karen Russo’, Centre for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv
‘Glasgow International Festivals Primer’, Glasgow
‘The Dark Monarch’, Towner, Eastbourne

‘Sculpture of Space Age’, David Roberts Art Foundation, London
‘The Dark Monarch’, Tate St Ives
‘Open Exhibition’, Turner Contemporary, Margate

‘Revisiting the Past and Presenting the Future’, Vigeland Museum, Oslo
‘Exhibitions’ Ruins / Emotional Landscapes’, SAFN, Reykjavik

Bloomberg Space, London
‘There Where You Are Not’, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton

‘Nothing’, NGCA, Sunderland; CCA, Vinius; Rooseum, Malmö; Mead Gallery, University of Warwick

‘Another Place’, Tramway, Glasgow
‘A Shot in the Head’, Lisson Gallery, London

‘If the Climate is Hell then the Company is Heaven — Contemporary British Photography’, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

Selected Exhibitions (curator)

‘John Cage— Lecture on the Weather’, Frith Street Gallery, London
‘Overlay’, White Rainbow, London
‘Notes on Gesture (I, II, III)’, Siobhan Davies Dance, London

‘Every Day is a Good Day — The Visual Art of John Cage’, Hayward Touring (travelling to Gateshead, Cambridge, Huddersfield, Glasgow, Bexhill-on-Sea, London)

‘Waterlog’ (Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, and The Collection, Lincoln)

‘Make Life Beautiful! The Dandy in Photography from 1850 until the Present Day’, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery
‘Peter Fraser and Rachel Harrison’, University of Brighton Gallery
‘Boris Mikhailov’, Gardner Arts Centre, University of Sussex, Brighton

‘Peter Fraser’, The Photographers’ Gallery, London

‘escape’, Media City Seoul 2000, Seoul, South Korea

‘New Contemporaries 2000’, (selected with Gavin Turk and Sarah Kent) Milton Keynes Gallery, Cornerhouse, Manchester, and touring
‘Boris Mikhailov’, The Photographers’ Gallery, London

‘Blue Suburban Skies’, The Photographers’ Gallery, London
‘MayDay’, The Photographers’ Gallery, London
‘Alexander and Susan Maris’, RAM Galleri, Oslo

‘Speed’, The Photographers’ Gallery, London, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, and MacDonald Stewart Art Gallery, Guelph, Ontario

‘Airport’, The Photographers’ Gallery, London
‘Roman Signer / David Shrigley’, The Photographers’ Gallery, London

‘Philip-Lorca diCorcia’, The Photographers’ Gallery, London
‘Larry Clark — Kids’, The Photographers’ Gallery, London
'The Speed of Light, The Speed of Sound', Netherlands Design Institute, Amsterdam
‘I am Curious, Green’, Hales Gallery, London

‘The Institute of Cultural Anxiety — Works from the Collection’, ICA, London


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