A selected list of publications,
and published writings

Overlay: Cathy Haines, Nancy Holt, Hannah Lees, Zoë Paul, Claire Potter (White Rainbow, London)

Every Day is a Good Day: The Visual Art of John Cage, ed. Jeremy Millar and Roger Malbert (London: Hayward Touring)

Waterlog, eds. Steven Bode, Nina Ernst and Jeremy Millar, (London: Film and Video Umbrella) Fischli and Weiss: The Way Things Go (London: Afterall Books)

Zugzwang (almost complete)
, (London and Whitstable: Koenig Books and Plain Editions)

Place (with Tacita Dean) (London: Thames and Hudson) Also, an American edition, as well as translations into French and German.

Brighton Photo Biennial Guide

Peter Fraser, ed. Jeremy Millar (London: The Photographers’ Gallery)

Speed — Visions of an Accelerated Age, eds. Jeremy Millar and Michiel Schwarz (London: The Photographers’ Gallery and Whitechapel Art Gallery)

Airport, eds. Steven Bode and Jeremy Millar (London: The Photographers’ Gallery)

Confessions (London: Book Works)

The Institute of Cultural Anxiety — Works from the Collection (London: Institute of Contemporary Art)

Selected Published Writings

‘The Splat is Out of the Bag: A First-ever Look at the Making of the Rorschach Test’, The Guardian, 27 May 2020 https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2023/may/17/no-one-has-been-allowed-to-document-the-process-before-a-first-ever-look-at-the-making-of-the-rorschach-test

‘Celebrating 50 Years of “Ways of Seeing”’, in Frieze, issue 227, May 2022 

‘Bruce Connor’s “Breakaway”, November 26, 2019–February 22, 2020, Thomas Dane Gallery, London’, 31 January 2020, https://www.art-agenda.com/features/313254/bruce-conner-s-breakaway

‘Mike Nelson’s “The Asset Strippers”, March 18–October 6, 2019, Tate Britain, London’, 11 September 2019, https://www.art-agenda.com/features/286504/mike-nelson-s-the-asset-strippers
‘Beatrice Gibson’s “Crone Music”, January 18–March 31, 2019, Camden Arts Centre, London’, 27 March 2019, https://www.art-agenda.com/features/260771/beatrice-gibson-s-crone-music

‘Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s “Earwitness Theatre”, September 21–December 9, 2018, Chisenhale Gallery, London’, 28 November 2018, https://www.art-agenda.com/features/242197/lawrence-abu-hamdan-s-earwitness-theatre
‘Emily Dickinson’, in Emily Beber (ed.) The Bodies That Remain (Punctum Books, London)

‘Mai-Thu Perret’s “Zone”, November 23, 2016–February 4, 2017, Simon Lee Gallery, London’, 31 January 2017, https://www.art-agenda.com/features/239744/mai-thu-perret-s-zone

‘Liverpool Biennale’, in art-agenda, 14 July 2016 http://www.art-agenda.com/reviews/liverpool-biennial/
‘Saul Leiter’, in Frieze, issue 177, March 2016 http://www.frieze.com/shows/review/saul-leiter/

‘One Note from One Bird is Better Than a Million Words’, in Alec Finlay, I Hear Her Cry (Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh)

‘In. Border. Deep.’ (on Pierre Huyghe), Art Agenda, 21 October, http://www.art-agenda.com/reviews/pierre-huyghe%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%9Cin-border-deep%E2%80%9D/

‘The Bride and the Bachelors’, and ‘Robert Rauschenberg’, Barbican Art Gallery, and Gagosian, London, in Frieze, issue 155, May 2013

‘Time Traveller’ (on Chris Marker), in Frieze, issue 150, October 2012
‘John Cage: musicians and artists on a legend’, The Guardian, 15 August 2012
‘Chris Marker’s vision will live on’, guardian.co.uk, 6 August 2012
‘Fischli and Weiss: The Art of Humour’, The Guardian, 5 June 2012

‘Out of the Shadows of Indifference’ in James White (London: Fuel)
‘The Wysing Fragments’ (Cambridge: Wysing Arts Centre)
‘The Tangled Bank’ in Tania Kovats (London: Lund Humphries)
‘Paul Thek’ in Frieze, issue 136, January–February

‘Rolywholyover A Circus — An Interview with Julie Lazar’ in Every Day is a Good Day (London: Hayward Publishing)
‘How to Improve the World — An Interview with Laura Kuhn’ in Every Day is a Good Day (London: Hayward Publishing)
‘Mountains and Rivers — An Interview with Ray Kass’ in Every Day is a Good Day (London: Hayward Publishing)
‘Cage at Crown Point Press — An Interview with Kathan Brown’ in Every Day is a Good Day (London: Hayward Publishing)
‘Not Wanting to Say Anything About John Cage’, in Every Day is a Good Day (London: Hayward Publishing)
‘The Prismatic Sun’ in Florian Maier-Aichen (London: Gagosian Gallery)

‘Camouflage’, ‘Black’, and ‘Mirror’ in Roni Horn aka Roni Horn (New York: Whitney Museum of American Art)

‘Sounds Barely Heard’ in Jem Finer: Score For A Hole In The Ground (Challock: Stour Valley Arts)
‘La Foto Chiara: Some Thoughts Towards a Neorealist Photography’ in Street and Studio, ed. Ute Eskildsen, (London: Tate Publishing)
‘Guidebooks are of No Use’ in Lugar / Place (Madrid: La Fabrica)
‘Glowing Black’ in Richard Deacon and Bill Woodrow: On the Rocks (London: Bloomberg Space)

‘A Firework for W.G. Sebald’ in Searching for Sebald (Los Angeles: The Institute of Cultural Inquiry)
‘Margaret Salmon’ in Modern Painters, October (New York)
‘Who is this who is coming?’ in Waterlog, eds. Steven Bode, Nina Ernst and Jeremy Millar, (London: Film and Video Umbrella)
‘In Praise of Blandness’, on Andreas Gursky, in Modern Painters, April (New York)

‘A Different Actor for Every Gesture’ in Neal Tait (London: Other Criteria)
‘Wanderweg’ in Roman Signer (London: Phaidon)
‘Looking Through The Large Glass’ in Tate Etc. Summer (London)

‘Speak, You Also’, in Ori Gersht: The Clearing, eds. Steven Bode and Jeremy Millar (London: Film and Video Umbrella)
‘Poets of Their Own Affairs’ in Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane: Folk Archive: Contemporary Popular Art from the UK (London: Bookworks)

‘The Beginning and the End’ in Marine Hugonnier eds. Steven Bode and Katrina Brown (London and Dundee: Film and Video Umbrella and Dundee Contemporary Arts)
‘Ordo Ab Chao’ in Mike Nelson: Triple Bluff Canyon (Oxford: Modern Art Oxford)
‘All Chess Players are Artists’ in Adam Chodzko; Peter Fillingham; Jeremy Millar; Terry Perk (Arttracks)

‘Cremaster 2’, in Sight and Sound, February, (London)

‘Make Life Beautiful! An Informal Introduction to the Dandy in Photography’ in Brighton Photo Biennial 2003 (Brighton: Brighton Photo Biennial)
‘Casual Beauty’, on Wolfgang Tillmans, in Tate, May / June (London)
‘Jeremy Millar’s Seven Wonders of the World’ in Seven Wonders of the World, ed. Matthew Higgs (London: Book Works)

2002 Strike! Ed. Gavin Wade (London: Alberta Press)
‘Travellers’ Tales’, on Pierre Huyghe, in Parkett no.66 (Zurich)
‘Dub Rosa’ in Graham Fagen: Love is Lovely (Edinburgh: Fruitmarket Gallery)
‘We are able to walk on air, but only as long as our illusion supports us’ in Liam Gillick: The Wood Way (London: Whitechapel Art Gallery)
‘Algúns relatos breves (para Marine)’ on Marine Hugonnier in A revista do CGAC (Santiago de Compostela: Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea)
‘Not Here’ in Joachim Koester: Row Housing (Copenhagen: Galleri Nicolai Wallner)
‘To begin to think about how we are to be’ in Carey Young, Incorporated (London: Film and Video Umbrella)
‘Hinterland’ in Adam Chodzko: Plans and Spells (London: Film and Video Umbrella)
‘So!’ in Michael Danner: Japan (Salamanca: Centro de Arte de Salamanca)
‘The Unnaturalness of Reality’ in Sam Taylor-Wood (London and Göttingen: Hayward Gallery and Steidl)
‘Distance and Proximity’ in Graham Gussin (Birmingham: Ikon Gallery)
‘Endotic Observations’ in Oliver Godow (Lingen: Kunstverein Lingen)
‘Detour and Access’ in Peter Fraser ed. Jeremy Millar (London: The Photographers’ Gallery)
‘Recording Conceptual Art’, Book Review, in Art Monthly, 255, (London)
‘Jeremy Millar and Teresa Gleadowe in Conversation’ in The Producers: Contemporary Curators in Conversation (4) (Newcastle: Baltic and University of Newcastle)

‘Genius Loci’, on Tacita Dean, in Parkett no. 62 (Zurich)
‘Proposal for Vacuum’ in Nothing, ed. Graham Gussin and Ele Carpenter, (London and Sunderland: August and Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art)
‘Dave Allen’ in Artforum.com, 31 October
‘Roman Signer’ in Roman Signer (London: Camden Arts Centre)
‘Catastrophe Practice’ in Roman Signer (Kilkenny: Butler Gallery)
‘Trembling Light’ on Beat Streuli in Norman Foster: Architecture Is About People (Cologne: Museum für angewandte Kunst)
‘Juan Cruz’ in Artforum.com, 27 July
‘Zeitwende’ in Simon Starling: Inverted Retrograde Theme (Vienna: Secession)
‘Zero to Infinity: Arte Povera 1962–1972’ in Artforum.com, 21 June
‘Juan Muñoz’ in Artforum.com, 21 June
‘Just Like That’ in Ceal Floyer (Birmingham: Ikon Gallery)
‘Thoughts Towards a Happy Ending’ in Rachel Lowe (London: The Showroom)
‘The Tables Turned’ in The Citibank Private Bank Photography Prize 2001 (London: The Photographers’ Gallery)

‘Something Between the Two’ in Trans> #8 (New York)
‘Something Between the Two’ in Curating in the 21st Century, ed. Gavin Wade (Walsall and Wolverhampton: The New Art Gallery, Walsall and the University of Wolverhampton)
‘Discussion…’ in Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2000 (New Contemporaries)
‘Monument to Entropy’ in Lost Horizons, ed. Melanie Jackson (London: The Camberwell Press)
‘The Story So Far’ in Jane and Louise Wilson (London: ellipsis and Film and Video Umbrella)
‘Panamarenko’ in Frieze, 53, (London)

‘Magic World’, on Tacita Dean, in Afterall 1 (London)
‘This is a selection…’ in Bibliomania, eds. Simon Morris and Helen Sacoor (York and London: Simon Morris and Helen Sacoor)
‘Ground Control’ in Tate, Summer, (London)
‘Flying in the Face of Art’ (interview feature on Chris Burden) in Tate , Spring, (London)
‘If Pierre Bismuth Then Jeremy Millar’ in If / Then ed. Janet Abrams (Amsterdam: Netherlands Design Institute)
‘The Sony Kit’ in Keith Tyson (London: Delfina)
‘There’s only one Douglas, Gordon’ in Douglas Gordon (Belém: Centro Cultural de Belém)

‘Rejectamenta’ in Speed — Visions of an Accelerated Age, eds. Jeremy Millar and Michiel Schwarz (London: The Photographers’ Gallery and Whitechapel Art Gallery)
‘Messieurs les inventeurs d’épaves’ in Cahier No.7 (Rotterdam: Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art); also reprinted in Tacita Dean (Philadelphia: Institute of Contemporary Art, 1998)

‘Metaleph’ in Airport, eds. Steven Bode and Jeremy Millar (London: The Photographers’ Gallery)
‘Mistakes I have Made, or, The Strange Attraction of the Pornographic Imagination’ in Der Attraktor (Munich: Künstlerwerkstatt)
‘Some Observations’ in Documentary Notes: Zarina Bhimji, Tania Kovats, Catherine Yass (London: Public Art Development Trust)
‘How the Land Lies, or, I am Curious (green)’ in I am Curious, ed. Maria Lind (London)
‘Angelic Upstarts’ in Frieze, 27 (London)
‘When You’re Strange’, on Thomas Struth, in Frieze, 15 (London)

‘Fatal Trajectories’ in Creative Camera, June / July (London)

‘Digital Phantoms’, interview with Jeff Wall, in Creative Camera, February / March (London)

‘Navigations: Fourth National Photography Conference’ in Frieze, 13 (London)
‘Making Things Happen’ in Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio: Maintenance (Glen Ellyn, IL and London: Gahberg Gallery, Arts Center and Laure Genillard Gallery)
‘Paul Graham’s New Europe’ in Creative Camera, June / July (London)
‘Keith Arnatt’ in Frieze, 10 (London)
‘An Uncertain Exchange’ in Peter Fraser: Ice and Water (Manchester and Farnham: Cornerhouse and James Hockey Gallery)
‘Andreas Gursky — New Works’ in Creative Camera, February / March (London)