Untitled (Mirror Cubes)

Acrylic mirrors; glass mirror tiles; wood; rock salt; unidentified objects
Four cubes, each approx. 50 x 50 x 50 cm

This is a work which explores the relationship between rituals and conceptual and minimal art practices. Here, the works are based upon Robert Morris’ Mirror Cubes (1965), upon and around which is poured rock salt, in the manner, perhaps, of Robert Smithson. However, salt is also often used in purification rituals and mirrors protect objects from the interference of malevolent spirits. Within each cube, sitting also on a bed of rock salt, is placed a smaller mirror cube, the mirrors this time facing inwards; in these smaller cubes are hidden unidentified objects. The smaller mirror cube 'contains' the object placed within it, just as the larger mirror cube 'retains' that which is outside it, thereby creating a protected, and protective zone, between them. Whether this zone protects us from the objects hidden there, or rather protects the objects from us, depends on what one imagines they are.