The Institute of Cultural Anxiety — Works from the Collection

Exhibition, ICA, London
11 December 1994 – 12 February 1995

This exhibition resulted from the successful submission in a competition organised by the ICA and Arts Council for proposals from people who did not work as professional curators. My first exhibition, it brought together works from over 60 artists, ranging from Hieronymous Bosch to Jeff Koons, and many emerging British artists, including Simon Starling, Douglas Gordon, Jake and Dinos Chapman and Keith Tyson. In addition, a number of non-art objects were included, such as meteorites and the helmet worn by Donald Campbell on his ill-fated attempt to break the Water Speed Record; Paul Virilio wrote a series of sentences that ran along the walls while an exhibition soundtrack was provided on acoustiguides by Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygène.

The exhibition was partly inspired by a visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, where I have since made work, and can be seen as an early manifestation of certain themes and ideas with which I am still working: the assemblage-like nature of collections; the making of exhibition and other forms of display; the relationship between art and non-art objects; and the creation of imaginary conceits with which to structure a work.