Erased Ballard Interview
Two C-90 Audio Cassettes; also hand-made artist's book

In 1996, I was invited by the American magazine Artforum to interview the British novelist JG Ballard on the forthcoming release of David Cronenberg’s film Crash. The interview was conducted by telephone and recorded and, as it was somewhat delayed, it was requested that the tape be professionally transcribed. Nervous that this precious original might be lost or damaged, I made a copy of it. The following day, the transcriber called to say that the tape was empty. It was an hour later that I realised that I had copied the blank tape onto that containing the interview.

This work was included, playing, in the exhibition Nothing, curated by Graham Gussin, which travelled to Vilnius, Malmö and elsewhere in 2001. This image shows the cover of the February issue of the Dutch magazine Metropolis M, which shows the tapes labelled ‘Ballard Interview — Original’ and ‘Ballard Copy’.

A hand-made booklet, containing the questions I asked Ballard during the interview, has also been produced.