Assemblage I
Painted wooden structure; obsidian; two-way mirror perspex; lampshade taken from Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford; fire-glow bulb; dawn-dusk lighting controller; Johnson's Baby Powder

A new work made for The Dark Monarch: Magic and Modernity in British Art at Tate St Ives, that continues my interest in the relationship between conceptual art and forms of ritual, such as magic. In the work, a greatly-enlarged version of one of Sol LeWitt's Five Modular Structures (1975) acts as a display system for a series of other elements including a smalll sculpture made of obsidian placed upon two-way mirror perspex, and Johnson's Baby Powder, as worn by warriors on the Papua New Guinean island of Kiriwina during certain rituals. The whole structure is lit by a lampshade previously used at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford which is timed to replicate a solar cycle.