Jeremy Millar

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Mistakes I Have Made (Sade) (Page: 1/2)

A work made especially for the exhibition 'Der attraktor' at the Künstlerwerkstatt, in Munich, and inspired by the rather unattractive pornographic fantasies of the Marquis de Sade, 120 Days of Sodom (1785) in particular. Obsessed with numbers, amongst much else, Sade outlined the tortuous events in almost mathematical detail; indeed, when he acknowledged his failings, in the phrase that I have taken for my title, it was not errors of morality to which he was referring but rather discrepancies in dates and other details. I took this numerical obsession and used numbers generated by chance operations to determine a number of pornographic scenarios, in the manner of Sade; elements that were determined in this manner included the number of people and the act with which they were involved; this, in turn, was determined by the numbers referring to a page number, and entry upon that page, of the Encyclopedia of Sexual Practices. This process was enacted every day during the exhibition, with the resultant scenario then faxed to the gallery where it was displayed upon the wall; on some days there was no activity.
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