Jeremy Millar

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Fornebu Drift

Graham Gussin and Jeremy Millar
Video Installation: DVD; video monitor; audio CD on random play

This is a reworking of a video (of the same name) originally made in 2000 and commissioned by Tramway in Glasgow; this new version was made for exhibition at the Vigeland Museum, Oslo, in 2007. The video was originally shot in 2000 in the then-recently-abandoned Fornebu airport in Oslo. The video consists of two types of shot: tracking shots, made using a combination of steadicam and a dolly; and ‘static’ shots, using a steadicam rather than a tripod to create a sense of floating. Originally, the DVD was programmed to play randomly, thereby denying the creation of a coherent space through which the camera — and viewer — could move. This new version has a fixed sequence, although similarly the camera does not travel smoothly through the space in any coherent order. Most importantly, the video has been inverted and coloured, thereby emphasising its uncanny nature. The accompanying audio CD consists of equal parts silence and ambient recordings made during the filming.

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