Jeremy Millar

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Plum Tree Blossom (Page: 1/2)

Duration 00:28:05:00
Digital Video / PAL 16:9 Anamorphic / Stereo

This video was made in the garden surrounding an empty Keeper’s house situated within the ground of the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, and was commissioned by Inverleith House, also situated within the RBGE to complement an exhibition of works by John Cage, an important influence upon my practice and this work in particular. The subject matter of this work, the plum tree blossom of the title, and its structure also, was suggested by a particular form of Chinese numerology: Meihua Yishu, or plum blossom numerology, first attributed to Shao Yong. Meihua Yishu is a way of getting an answer from the Yijing without the use of coins or yarrow, and without the text of the Yijing. There are two methods in Meihua Yishu: the first method involves the use of time and a random factor (such as a unique aspect that catches your eye, or the length of a word that is connected to the situation); the second method is based on subjective analysis of the situation.
    The video consists of sixty-four shots, each of a chance-determined length, from one to sixty-four seconds. Each shot is of the plum tree in blossom, and

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