Jeremy Millar

Twelve Tales on a Ming Flask — 5 (Page: 1/2)

HD Video
Duration 00:03:54:00

Hampshire Cultural Trust and The British Museum are committed to exploring contemporary responses to collections through a variety of media. For this Spotlight exhibition, artist Jeremy Millar was invited to create a newly commissioned artwork for the Willis Museum in response to the Ming vase. He travelled to Jingdezhen in China to make a series of short films, or ‘tales’, to offer us a rare opportunity to discover this seemingly familiar object’s heritage and origin. Through the poetic beauty of Millar’s filmmaking we are also able to glimpse breath-taking scenery and contemporary life in China.

'Some of these tales speak of the history of porcelain, and the myths surrounding it, while others encourage us to consider China’s long and complex relationship to Europe and the Middle East. Throughout them all, however, there is a concern with Chinese aesthetics and thinking, and at times we are simply encouraged to look and reflect upon that which is in front of us. As such, these tales might be thought of as a contemporary form of biji, or ‘brush-notes’, a form of writing popular during the Ming period, where fragments of incident and anecdote are juxtaposed in ways which

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