Jeremy Millar

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Re-Reunion (Page: 1/2)

Modified chess board, electrical components, eight CD players, four amplified speakers, table, chairs, LCD TV screen, DVD player, DVD

This chess-related work is a reinterpretation of a work by the American composer, John Cage, Reunion (1968). In this work, first performed in Toronto, the composer had made a chessboard, each square of which contained a switch that was activated when pieces were placed upon or removed from it. These switches then affected four audio inputs, upon which were the works of four of Cage’s peers. The playing of chess upon this board — as Cage did with Duchamp at the premiere — also became, then, the performing of a new, and chance-determined, musical work.
    In Re-reunion, this board has been recreated in collaboration with Stephen Clee, a young composer based in Whitstable, with slight modifications, most of which relate to technological developments over the past four decades. One modification is that there are eight audio inputs instead of the original four; four inputs are allocated to each player who must bring with them four CDs to be played within the players provided. The result is not only a battle of minds but also an uncertain battle of music, reminiscent of a DJ soundclash, whereby a particularly strong move

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