Jeremy Millar

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A Place for Enthusiasm, and Melancholy (Page: 1/2)

A proposal for a large-scale public artwork for the Artangel Open 2014. The structure would be made from a single piece of poured concrete.

The following is a short extract from the original shortlisted proposal:

‘I would like to mark a place, to make a place, in the centre of England; to mark a place of thought, of reflection, and to make a place for these, too. To do this, I would like to build a large structure on farmland in the mile-or-so between the villages of Lindley and Fenny Drayton in rural Leicestershire, near the Warwickshire border.

‘The form of the structure, and its use, has emerged from a remarkable coincidence of three elements. In Lindley, on 8 February 1577, was born Robert Burton, later to become a scholar at Oxford, and author most famously of The Anatomy of Melancholy, first published in 1621. Just three years later, in July 1624, in the strongly Puritan village of Fenny Drayton (then Drayton-in-the-Clay) was born George Fox, later to become an English Dissenter, and a founder of the Religious Society of Friends, more commonly known as the Quakers. Two remarkable people, influential, radical in their own ways (and in many others, too), and born within sight of one another’s villages. And between these two villages is to be found the third