Jeremy Millar

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Untitled (Screens) (Page: 1/2)

Photographic prints on habotai silk; oak display stands; jade. Dimensions variable (approx. 170 x 350 x 50cm)

This work might be considered a coming-together of a number of different elements, whether images or interests. All the photographs printed had been made in the previous eighteen months in a number of different places — London, Boston, Prague, Jerusalem — although none had been made for this work in particular; rather their making was due to their ‘inciting’ in me an interest due to their form or subject matter. My works often develop from an object, person or place, and while these are often well-known or celebrated, my attention is often caught by something overlooked, a detail, an aside, that can become meaningful when given due attention. This is less an act of transformation, however, than a revelation of that which is already there.

Photographs show installation at Chandelier, London.

It is this working with ‘the propensity of things’, to borrow a phrase from the French sinologist François Jullien, which lies at the heart of this works. Indeed, even when, as part of a series of photographs, we see pictures of some of the most important objects in Western culture — the sundered rock at Golgotha, or the sexual folds of Freud’s couch — it is