Jeremy Millar

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Am I Glad To Be Here! (Page: 1/3)

Two-sided digitally-printed flag, installed at Guildhall Rotunda, Swansea, as part 'Art Across the City'.

345 x 207cm

This specially-commissioned public art work commemorates the very different visits to Swansea by two celebrated philosophers, Emmanuel Swedenborg, and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772) was a Swedish philosopher, scientist, and mystic, whose influenced range from Immanuel Kant to W.B Yeats. He died in London in 1772, and his body was put into a coffin in Shadwell, although this was opened eighteen years later and his skull — which was unusually elongated — was stolen and sold to a phrenological society. His remains, with a substitute skull, were transferred to Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden, in 1912, although doubts remained as to the skull’s authenticity. In 1958, the Swedish government agreed to open Swedenborg’s tomb in order to determine the authenticity of the skull, a move prompted by the claim that his actual skull was, instead, in Swansea, and the property of Dr.