Jeremy Millar

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New York 1920 / Folkestone 1933 / Pasadena 1963 /

Paper Collage

This is a paper collage in which are brought together elements from different times and places; as such, it is in some ways emblematic of my practice as a whole. These elements are as follows:
    New York 1920: Duchamp designs the coloured chess pieces visible on the board; Folkestone 1933: the position of the pieces upon the board is taken from one of Duchamp’s games during the 1933 Olympiad in Folkestone; Pasadena 1963: Duchamp’s first solo show in an American museum, during which he was photographed playing chess with a naked art student, Eve Babitz; Chateau Kirwan 1964: the wine drunk by Duchamp and John Cage during the premiere of Cage’s Reunion; Toronto 1968: the premiere of Cage’s Reunion; Folkestone 2006: the setting of this composite game, at the Metropole Gallery.

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