Jeremy Millar

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Zugzwang (almost complete) (Tables) (Page: 1/2)

Six oak tables, each with three stainless steel plates, twelve oak benches
Permanent public installation, Coastal Park, Folkestone

This permanent public installation consists of a series of six oak tables and twelve benches sited within the newly-landscaped Coastal Park below Leas Cliff Hall, the venue of the 1933 Chess Olympiad in which Marcel Duchamp participated as a member of the French team. Each table represents a game played by Duchamp during the Olympiad, and upon each tabletop is inlaid three stainless steel plates: a large central plate upon which is etched a chess board with the final position of the pieces at the game’s conclusion and two smaller plates, one for each player, upon which is etched their relative moves in chess notation. (The symbols representing the pieces is based upon rubber stamps designed by Duchamp in Buenos Aires in 1919, to be used in correspondence chess.) As such, the chess literate will be able to recreate each game mentally — even physically — or use the board for a game of their own; alternately, the board might be ignored and the table used simply as a convenient place to rest while enjoying the gardens. Perhaps one might term each a ‘specially-made’ — fabricated by local craftsman, Andrew Jaynes — albeit one which

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