Jeremy Millar

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Mondegreen (with Geoffrey Farmer)

Exhibition play, with sculptures, found objects, sound and performance. Performed daily from 10.22 19.58, 8 July 20 August 2011, Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

An 'exhibition play', in which a performer, or agent, or proxy, follows a score and so executes a range of actions, including re-arranging the set props, playing musical instruments, walking on gravel, making paper aeroplanes, and replacing descriptive wall texts. The score lasts approximately nine-and-a-half hours, and is performed in its entirety each day. The score is also altered throughout its production, and the inevitable differences in the execution of the sometimes ambiguous instructions ensures the differences in performance, and shifts in meaning, to which the title alludes.

The score itself is an attempt to recreate the experiences of the artists on a particular day — 9 May 2011 — when they met in Whitstable for the purpose of discussing their forthcoming exhibition in Dublin, a discussion which did not take place until the following day; in a sense, then, the work is an attempt to conjure an image of the world just before the work itself existed. The work draws upon a great range of references, most notably John Cage, the acousmatics of Pythagoras, musique concrète, and, of course, given its circadian qualities and city of presentation, James Joyce.