Jeremy Millar

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Ex Libris (Page: 1/2)

Text installation

A new work made for the exhibition 'Cage Mix: Sculpture and Sound' at Baltic, Gateshead. This exhibition of works by contemporary artists inspired by the work of John Cage was curated by Alessandro Vincentelli to complement the exhibition 'Every Day is a Good Day: The Visual Art of John Cage' which I conceived for Hayward Touring.

This work was created with the assistance of Laura Kuhn, director, and Emy Martin of the John Cage Trust, using chance operations. Using Cage's library (which the Trust keeps in its offices at Bard College) as source material, I requested that chance operations be used to identify first a bookcase, then a shelf, then a book, a page, and finally a sentence. This sentence was noted (as well as its bibliographic source), and the procedure repeated in order to gather twenty sentences. These sentences then became the material for a series of text works to be installed as vinyl lettering upon the glass lift shafts at Baltic. Chance operations were then used to determined which sentences would be used, and then their size, colour, position and angle.

In this work, each sentence becomes an adopted phrase (much

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