Jeremy Millar

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Preparations (Page: 1/2)

Duration 00:12:42:03
HD Video transferred to SD / PAL 16:9 / Stereo

As the title suggests, preparation is in many ways the subject of this work, an artist’s film made with the acclaimed pianist John Tilbury and which follows his ‘preparing’ of the Steinway at his home, in the manner called for by the American composer John Cage for his ‘Sonatas and Interludes’ (1946–8). In this preparation, metal screws, bolts, washers, pieces of plastic, and even an eraser, are placed between the strings of the piano, thereby altering the sound of the instrument into something often more akin to a Balinese gamelan. What remains extraordinary, however, is that such a transformation is made using the most modest of means — Tilbury’s collection of screws and bolts look as if grabbed from any shed worktop — and as such might be considered a succinct analogy for the artistic process more generally.
This film was made in the afternoon after a morning session during which time I filmed Tilbury preparing — and then playing — the piano, of course with extraordinary skill. During the afternoon I was left to gather some 'pick-up' shots that might be edited into the earlier footage although, of course, my

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