Jeremy Millar

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Painted wood, acrylic sheet, thirteen mirrors, jaspar, steel wire, display fittings.

Dimensions variable (cube 46x46x46cm)

A sculpture made at the invitation of Karen Russo for inclusion in her solo exhibition at the CCA, Tel-Aviv, in April 2010. A continuation of her work with 'remote viewers' — people who claim to be able to 'see' at a distance — here Russo gave the co-ordinates of a work of art to a remote viewer who then attempted to describe it; the notes and drawings made during the session, and a video recording of it, were then given to three artists — Mark Titchner, Shezad Dawood, and myself — as source material for a new work of our choosing. At no point during the making of the work did we know the identity of the original work of art.

This sculpture is based upon the sacred gemoetric form, Metatron's Cube, and continues my fascination with forms of occult ritual and its relationship to minimal and post-minimal sculpture. It is seen here as a work in progress in Titchner's studio; the finished work has thirteen mirrored circles at its base rather than the seven shown, an outer circle extending the lines already visible.

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