Jeremy Millar

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Sculpture of the Space Age (with Graham Gussin)

A0 Poster; full-page advertisement in October 2009 issue of Frieze

This work is part of a long-term collaborative project with Graham Gussin that was begun in 1995. It takes its inspiration from a short story by JG Ballard, 'The Object of the Attack', about a disturbed young man, Matthew Young, who is arrested at the Serpentine Gallery during the exhibition 'Sculpture of the Space Age'. Our original project, developed over a couple of years, was to 'recreate' this fictional exhibition as it might have been, in 1979, although regretfully this proved difficult.

In 2009 the Lithuanian curator Raimundas Malasauskas borrowed this idea as the inspiration for his own exhibition at the David Roberts Art Foundation, in London; we were invited to take part in a parallel exhibition, named after the original Ballard story, taking place in the basement. For this exhibition we produced an A0 poster advertising the original exhibition at the Serpentine; a full-page advertisment was also taken out in the October 2009 issue of Frieze, somewhat anachronistically advertising the event.

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