Jeremy Millar

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The Elements of Photography (Page: 1/2)

Work in Progress
Portfolio of black and white photographs, each 12 x 16", archivally printed, matted, and stored.

‘The Elements of Photography’ quite clearly acknowledges a debt to Ruskin’s The Elements of Drawing (1856), although the difference in titles is significant: whereas for Ruskin the attentiveness of drawing was fundamental, for me it is that of photography. As such I shall return to the fundamentals of my own photographic training and make a series of full-tone 12”x16” black-and-white prints from 5”x4” negatives made using a large-format view camera. The photographs themselves will be made of the oak picture stands Ruskin obtained (designed?) for use in his teaching, and which are still in use today in the Print Room of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; photographs will made of some of the stands together, and some of them individually upon the viewing tables, although the camera’s attention will be turned towards the objects themselves rather than their surroundings.
    Here we find a conceptual circularity in the work:  Ruskin’s teaching is brought to bear upon that which acted as a support, quite literally, to that teaching, and our attention is turned towards that which he would have overlooked at the time. Also, given Ruskin’s well-known antipathy to the medium of photography,

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