Jeremy Millar


Duration 00:04:05:02 Extract from Infinite Loop
Digital Video / PAL 16:9 Anamorphic / Stereo

This is a small work made while artist-in-residence during a workshop in Tihany, Hungary, in 2004. The video was made in the premises of a small residential school run by the artist Gyogy Somogyi, which teaches traditional Hungarian crafts and horse-riding skills. This work is a wry comment upon technological progress, and its effect upon our culture. At the point of their introduction, looms was seen as a mechanising threat and were often destroyed, whereas now they come to stand for a less mechanised, more crafts-based form of production; the girl operating it continues to weave without end, with no discernable product. As well as the apparatus before us — which seems to engulf and almost obliterate its operator — the title might also refer to the large, menacing, and always imminent form of social change of which it was such an important part.