Jeremy Millar

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Five books

On 1 May 2000, I was thinking about the American composer John Cage and wanted to gather more material on his work. As I often do in these situations, I visited the Amazon site and, though I was looking for a specific collection of interviews, decided to see what else was available and so performed a general search typing, simply, 'John Cage'.
    Obviously, a great deal of material was found during the search, although when I came to look at the list of books, many of those initially suggested seemed to be about the keeping of birds, an activity with which I had not associated the composer. I was aware of his fascination with ecological matters generally, and mushrooms in particular, but this was one area of his interests which had escaped my attention altogether. It was at this point that I realised that all the avarian publications were written by men called 'John'; of course, all the books were concerned with the keeping of caged birds. The title I was looking for was out of print. I ordered four of the other publications instead.
    A few weeks later, in a London Bookshop,

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